A Sophisticated Boutique Hotel: The Gateway to a Peaceful Paradise

When dreaming of their trip to the Cayman Islands, most people think of the sprawling white beaches of Grand Cayman. Most people don't realize that about 89 miles east of Grand Cayman, there are two sister islands called Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. The two islands are only seven miles apart and are surrounded by some of the most pristine ocean water you will find on the planet. Cayman Brac is a sliver of land that stretches only about 12 miles. The airport lies at the southern tip of the island and receives several daily Cayman Airways flights from Grand Cayman. Due to increasing popularity they even fly directly from Miami once a week. Just behind the airport is a brand new Cayman Islands Boutique Hotel which serves as the gateway to the rest of the island. Welcome to the Alexander Hotel.

While the most popular Caribbean destinations have surged in growth over the years, Cayman Brac has remained quite the same and has retained its peaceful innocence. With a population of about 1,800, everyone waves to each other as they drive by. With no crime to speak of, everyone leaves their keys in their car with the doors unlocked. Cayman Brac offers a truly authentic Cayman Islands experience. There are no cruise ships unloading thousands of tourists into the streets, no noisy traffic or bars full of spring breakers… Just 12 miles of untouched Caribbean island, a couple of local restaurants and a modern and affordable boutique hotel where you can relax and eat some of the best food that The Cayman Islands has to offer.

The Alexander Hotel was recently opened in 2009. The owner, Cleveland Dilbert, was born and raised on Cayman Brac. In fact, there is a street on the west side of the island named after his father. While living in Grand Cayman, Cleveland saw the need for an upscale hotel in Cayman Brac and so he set out to build what is now the Alexander Hotel. He has a genuine love for Cayman Brac and encourages all guests to go out and explore the island… eat at local restaurants and contribute to the local economy.

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The Alexander Hotel is located on the southern tip of Cayman Brac just behind the local airport.

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